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Community Protection Notice Received

Community Protection Notice received

Community Protection Notice received. A community protection notice can be issued by a police officer, police community support officer, council officer or registered social landlord. The community protection notice orders a person to do something (e.g. muzzle the dog/ clear up an accumulation of faeces in a garden), stop doing something (e.g. letting a dog into children’s play areas), or take steps to get specific results (e.g. attend dog training classes).

In order to issue a community protection notice a dog’s behaviour must be:-

  • Persistent
  • Unreasonable, and
  • Negatively affecting the quality of life for people or animals.

Prior to issuing a community protection notice written warning must be given, and this must state, what behaviour led to this warning, a reasonable period in which the behaviour must stop and what happens if they are issued with the community protection notice (and the penalties).

If an individual does not comply with the community protection notice they could be:-

  • fined up to £2500.00, and/or
  • forced to pay costs (e.g. the cost of repairing a fence)

In addition, the court has the power to order a dog to be taken from its owner and destroyed. This will only be as a last resort.

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Community Protection Notice Received