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  • Tyrone is Home (Added 20/12/23 )

      We are delighted to report that after a successful appeal a few weeks ago, Tyrone has been reunited with Sasha and his family. Last year Sasha and Tyrone were seized by the police after they escaped through a hole more

  • Star (Added 10/11/23 )

    Star was seized in 2022 following an incident with a delivery driver, where the delivery driver entered Star’s owner’s home unannounced. The police assessed Star and believed he was a pit bull-type dog. Helen Howell Dog Behaviour Expert was instructed more

  • Nala (Added 9/11/23 )

    Nala was seized as a suspected Pit Bull type dog when the police attended her owner’s property for an unrelated matter. We instructed canine expert, Orion Dog Services, Mike Barnett, to assess Nala. He agreed that Nala had a substantial more

  • Kasha (Added 9/11/23 )

    Earlier this year Kasha was seized alongside her son, Kong, as suspected Pit Bull type dogs. Neither dog had ever injured any person or animal. After a few months in secure kennels, the police concluded that Kong was not of more

  • Simba (Added 9/11/23 )

    Welcome home Simba! Simba accidentally bit his owner during a game of tug of war. A few weeks later a police officer noticed the injury and Simba’s other owner was charged with being the owner of a dog dangerously out more

  • Storm (Added 25/09/23 )

    This is Storm. Storm was involved in an incident with another dog. Storm’s owner was charged with 3 dangerous dog offences. Storm has never injured a person or caused a person to believe they could be injured. Storm’s owner was more

  • Fury (Added 25/09/23 )

    This is Fury. Fury was seized when he jumped up at his garden fence and caused very minor injury to a person passing. Fury’s owner was represented at court by James Ball from KCH Garden Square and we are pleased more

  • Beauty (Added 10/08/23 )

    This is Beauty, Beauty was accused of causing injury to a person. Beauty was unfortunately held in police kennels for a year. Helen Howell assessed Beauty and found her to be a sociable girl with no aggression. We are pleased more

  • Nala (Added 28/07/23 )

    Meet Nala – last year Nala sadly injured a person, after her owner’s children accidentally left the back gate open. Nala’s family was very remorseful about the incident and has since taken measures to ensure that this cannot happen again. more

  • Sasha and Tyrone (Added 28/07/23 )

    After escaping through a hole in the garden fence last May, Sasha and Tyrone were seized by the police, following a report that someone had been bitten. Both Sasha and Tyrone were assessed by Helen Howell Dog Behaviour Expert who more